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At this stage, we define your requirements, preferred personal style and lifestyle.

For this, it is necessary to discuss and confirm the client’s wishes, as well as record the location; helping to correctly make targets for the use of the space.

At this point, we negotiate the deadlines for the project, budget and other structural or administrative questions.

We could also give an approximate budget of the FF&E and the project prices.

We present the design project in accordance with the client’s needs.

The concept includes illustrations of the planned furniture and any other structural changes within the space in the form of a sketch.

We propose a presentation of décor styles and remakes of the space, as well as images of the future furniture and joinery.

At this stage, it is very important for us to have full communication with the client in order

to effectively continue the development of the interior design.





After the agreement and confirmation of all details, we begin the process of rendering

and detailed projection of the design.

We conduct the selecting of the furniture and materials in the chosen style from catalogues and shops, as well as variations of accessories and miscellanies.

The aim of our work, at this stage, is to provide

a 3D visualisation of the future interior and expenses in accordance with the budget.


Our coordinators and designers of the project observe and follow the completion of the work.


This involves control of the purchase of furniture and materials, ensuring that the project is completed in accordance with the plan.

The client will always be up to date and in good hands.


By proposing services of interior design in London and United Kingdom we take full responsibility – a guarantee of an accurate reflection of the requirements and expectations of our clients.